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Using Online Catalogs to Find International Law Materials

The Online Catalog System

FCIL requires heavy use of the online catalog, often as the first step. Inter-library loan systems are also critical. Several inter-library loan (ILL) systems are available to the UMKC family.

MERLIN, MOBIUS & WorldCat Inter-Library Loan Systems


MERLIN Catalog MOBIUS Catalog WorldCat (UMKC Only), alternative free site is rings with MERLIN (4 UM schools) in the Center, MOBIUS (70 Mo. libaries) next, and WorldCat (10,000 libraries) last.

Start with MERLIN (center blue ring):  the University of Missouri's collective library system, for quick response time and longest loan periods.

Then, go to MOBIUS (yellow ring):  70 university and college libraries in Missouri.

Finally, to WorldCat (orange ring), UMKC's subscription version:  10,000 libraries across the world.

(Free version:

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How the Library of Congress Organizes the Field of Law

How the Library of Congress Organizes the Field of Law

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Browse by Call Number

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Law >  International Law & Relations >  Publicists. Writers on Public Intl Law JZ2064-3669; KZ2064-3669
Political Science >  International Law, International Relations >  International Law


For more on the Library of Congress Classification Scheme, see How the Law Library of Congress Organizes the Field of Law, under the Home Tab.

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