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A simple guide to the citation management tool, Zotero.

Saving Sources to Zotero

There are many ways to add items to your Zotero Library. These are the three most basic ways to get you started.


Saving from the Browser Connector

You can easily save online resources, such as articles and webpages, using the browser connector.

1. Open your Zotero library on either on the desktop app or online.

2. Locate the source that you would like to save to your Zotero Library.

3. Click on the Zotero Connector, which looks like any of the following icons: 

4. The source will appear in your Zotero Library almost instantly.


Saving by Item Identifier

Saving an item using an identifying number is most useful when adding print books.

1. Locate the ISBN, and copy it to your clip board (Ctrl+C) 

2. In Zotero, click the "Add Item by Identifier" Icon


3. Paste (Ctrl+V) the number into the bar

4. The item will be added to your library


Saving Manually, from a Template

When sources are not located online, it is necessary to input them manually.

1. Open Zotero and click the "New Item" button

2. Select the format of the item you wish to add

3. Put the item's information into the form 

  • The information will auto save as you go, and can always be edited in the future by clicking in the field you wish to change