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A simple guide to the citation management tool, Zotero.

Organizing Your Library


In Zotero, folders are called Collections.

Note: My Library contains all uploaded items, collections are just organizing those items. This means that items can be located in multiple locations at the same time.


Create a Collection by clicking on the New Collection icon.



Create a Subcollection by right clicking on an existing collection, and select New Subcollection.



Moving Items into a Collection
  • New Items- When adding a new item it will automatically be added to a selected collection
  • Existing Items- Drag and drop the item from the middle column to the desired collection



Use tags to make items searchable by subject.


Add Tag(s) to Items

1. Select the item you wish to add a tag to

2. Locate the Tags tab

3. Click Add


Search for Sources using Tags

1. In the bottom left hand corner, you can search for and select the tags you are looking for

2. When you select a tag, it will turn blue, and you can then select more to narrow your search




If using Zotero across devices, it is important to sync your Library.

1. Create a Zotero account online here.

2. In Zotero > Edit > Preferences > Sync > Enter Username & Password