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Thinking About Legal Research Problems

Created by Paul D. Callister from earlier version at

For Primary Materials, Determine the Kind of Law, Jurisdiction & Arrangement

Institution Kind of Law How the Law is Published (Arrangements)?
Chronologically Topically Subject Search By Citation Pedigree
Legislature Statutory Law

Session Laws (video)

Statutory Codes (video)

Shepard's/KeyCite/Annotated Codes (video)

Courts Case Law Case Reports

Case Digests (Summaries of Primary Authority) (video)

Shepard's/KeyCite/ALR (video)
Agencies & Executive Branch Administrative Law Administrative Registers or Regulations Administrative Codes Shepard's/KeyCite (video)

Table based upon Christopher G. Wren and Jill Robinson Wren, The Teaching of Legal Research, 80 Law Libr. J. 7, 35 (Matrix A) (1988).  See also Christopher G. Wren and Jill Robinson Wren, The Legal Research Manual 17 (fig. K) (2d ed. 1986).

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