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Digital Scholarship Services

Reserve 310D or the Laptop Cart

The Production Room (310D) and Laptop Cart ⁠are only available for use by designated UMKC Digital and Public Humanities students, staff, and faculty. The Production Room holds a Bookeye overhead scanner, mixing board for advanced AV production, and multispectral imaging station. The Laptop Cart includes 8 laptops with specialized software (Adobe Creative Suite, Notepad++, oXygen XML, FileZilla, R and Python). Please contact with any questions about these resources or to reserve the Production Room or laptops. When making a reservation for the laptops, please provide the date, time block, and number of laptops needed.

This space is designated a Quiet Conversation Area.

Getting Started in the Production Room

How to start the Bookeye scanner

  1. As it always times out, you will likely face an error message from Windows before anything.
  2. Make sure the power switches are on. The scanner has two power switches, one on the right side of the scanning area (between the touch screen and the scanning area) and another on the Kodak attachment at the left side of the scanner. When you turn on the switches, give them a little time till the system is set.
  3. Sign out or Restart the Window. You won't need to use your ID. The scanner automatically signs in with the DPH account and loads the scanning program. Sometimes, signing out won't work. Restarting the Windows could be a more sure option.
  4. Now, the scanner is ready to use. You can have the scanned files through e-mail, USB drive, etc. The Production Room has a USB flash drive for transferring the scanned files to your computer. Please use it in the Production Room only and leave it on the scanner when you are done scanning.
  5. The scanning procedure is pretty straightforward. However, if you need more guidance, there's a detailed manual on the scanner. Please take a look.

Wireless Microphones

The Recording Studio provides two microphone options for various situations. However, the four wireless microphones in the Production Room could be the best option for professional recordings involving more than three people or when your interviewee is intimidated by the boom mic. They can only be used through the Production Room, as their receivers are connected to the sound equipment and computer in the room.  


Contact IT Help or call 816-235-2000 for additional technical assistance.