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Law Practice Technology

A guide created for a law class incorporating the book, The 2018 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide (ABA)

Litigation Programs

See chapter 16 of the 2017 LTG.

Case Organization

LexisNexis Concordance eDiscovery management

LexisNexis CaseMap Case assessment tool (video)

Westlaw Case Notebook Case organization and assessment tool (video)

Sanction Produce and track sets of document production including exhibit stamping and redaction

Access Data Solutions eDiscovery (Summation), digital forensics, and cybersecurity

TimeStream Build and vizualize your case

Courtroom Presentation

Visionary Designed to handle and manage the large volume of transcripts, exhibits and videos connected with a case—from the original discovery to the final verdict

Sanction Lexis owned product that organizes documents into tiff presentations.

TrialPad iPad presentation software

Other Program called "Clerk" analyzes and strengthens briefs.

FactBox Fact-Management & Timeline Software

Perfect Practice Syncs calendars and schedule cases, manage workflow syncs various calendar programs (Outlook, practice master) with court rules.

Transactional Law Programs

Legal Sifter Contract review.

Bloomberg Law: Transactional Intelligence Center

Westlaw Edge

  • Drafting Assistant

How to find Westlaw Edge Drafting Assistant

Unified Messaging and Telecomunications

See chapter 25 of the 2017 LTG.

"Unified messaging is the delivery of traditional voice communications into your e-mail box."  p. 255

PBX (Private Branch Exchange)

  • add voice mail card for unified messaging functioning
  • use traditional suppliers--Avaya, Cisco, NEC, Toshiba, etc.
  • configure to send either notice of the call to email or actual recording or fax to email
  • good match for document managment system that incorporates email

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

  • "primary aim" is unified comunications (voice, fax, voicemails and email)
  • security issues
  • bandwidth issues
  • vunerable to power failures
  • hidden costs (e.g., equipment to prioritize voice communications)
  • some unhappy clients

Google Voice

  • select phone number in area
  • use to screen incoming calls
  • receive voicemails
  • can specifiy email address in addition to google mail
  • transcription of emails to text

Ruby Receptionists

  • receptionists service
  • English and Spanish
  • recommended by The Lawyerist



Working with Documents Video Library

Digital Signatures and Electronic Signing

Document Assembly

See chapter 15 of the 2018 LTG.


  • HotDocs Developer 11 used to produce templates in word processing documents and PDF forms
  • HotDocs User 11 organizes and runs HotDoc forms
  • Web browser server edition is available
  • $240 license for students (may no longer be available since introduction of browser-based upgrade with subscription fee)
  • favored by the Guide
  • Video overview
  • Video library
  • Video on top five trends
  • HotDocs Presentation

 AIA Contract Documents

  • designed for construction projects by American Institute for Architects
  • on-demand service for 110 of most popular documents


  • Thomson Reuters product
  • integrated with billing and accounting
  • includes case and matter management
  • create PDF and MS Word templates
  • targeted to mid-sized firms, but not small firms



  • New startup offering simpler interface


  • Tool to create online forms (first 100 forms are free).

Virtual Private Networking

Chapter 18 of the  2018 LTG

Virtual Private Networking

  • "VPN connection allows a user to connect to the office when working remotely.  The communications tunnel encrypts the data traffic between the remote user and the office network, maintaining security of of the information as it is passed back and forth.  This is extremely important for law firms who lawyers work on client files while traveling or away from the office and have to download a local copy of a client file to work on.  Best of all, the VPN service software is included with Microsoft's server operating systems, and the VPN client software is included with Microsoft operating systems, at no additional cost to the user."  2022 LPTG, image 222.
  • Facilitates remote desktop
  • May require IT consultant
  • Comes with Microsoft server, but a private subscription service is available through vpnunlimited.   If you want to configure it with a "remote desktop service" (which comes with windows). It may take some effort to configure and you will need to know the name of your computer on your network..
  • Comparison of VPNs at


  • Does not require a server
  • Data is encvrypted
  • Works even with dynamic IP addresses and without modifing firewalls
  • Works with apps


  • Securley encrypted
  • Works with Apps
  • Costs less than GoToMyPC


  • "Business Edistion is a remote access solution on steroids."
  • Works with Mac
  • Communication tools
  • File box for common file sharing
  • MS Outlook calendar integration
  • Mobile devices add-ons




Document Preservation and the Paperless Office

An attorney may destroy most, but not necessarily all, of the paper file, if the file is stored electronically. Items of intrinsic value may not be destroyed. Originals that may have legal significance, as originals, during the representation may not be destroyed. We encourage firms to offer the paper file to the client prior to destruction.

Going paperless - capture - process - edit - share

Document Collaboration

Chapter 17 of the 2018 LTG.

Online Storage and Collaboration


  • MS solution for collaboration and document management
  • Guide believe it is too expensive for solo and small firms (see p. 162)


  • Not just file synchronization, collaboration by sharing directories.
  • Encrypted but Dropbox holds the key and will respond to court orders and law enforcement requests.  Encrypt sensitive information before placing in Dropbox.
  • Apps available for mobile devices
  • Use with Boxcryptor or Safemonk for extra layer of encryption (see Security tab)

Google Drive

  • Share by sending URL
  • Can control what users may do-editing, commenting, viewing
  • Encrypted but Google holds the key.  Encrypt sensitive information before placing in Google Drive.
  • Google scans content unless you have a business account
  • Apps available for mobile devices
  • Use with Boxcryptor for extra layer of encryption (see Security tab)
  • Try Google Sites for additional features like web page creation and file uploading
  • Try Google Docs for word processing, slide show and spreadsheet creation and collaboration

These methods have some risk since Dropbox and Google Drive maintain master encryption keys to the files on their systems.  New products like Boxcryptor may provide ways to share encrypted files with clients.  The video below shows how files shared in Dropbox can also be shared in Boxcryptor.

Wordprocessing and Document Viewers

Adobe Acrobat

  • important for court e-filing
  • Acrobat XI Standarad and Pro allow for shared document review of comments
  • Pro version allows for "enhanced security, Bates stamping and redaction."
  • Pro version allows other reviewers with just Reader to participate with comment and markup tools

Microsoft Word

  • use "track changes" and comment features
  • after document review make sure to strip out metadata (using the "inspect document feature") of such changes and comments before sending to opposing counsel
  • video on Perparing Document for Sending

Office 365



  • video conferencing
  • can add calls to landlines for cost
  • sharing files
  • not recommended for confidential communications

Preparing a Document for Sharing


PDF Software

Legal Research Resources

I strongly encourage you to use the Legal Information Buyers Guide to help you come up with a combination of print and electronic resources that will meet your needs.  The latest version is available by asking at the library service desk. 

Legal Information Buyers Guide

Key Online Platforms
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