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Law Practice Technology

A guide created for a law class incorporating the book, The 2018 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide (ABA)


Image source and licensing

Guide p. 48-49.  Disadvantages of peer-to-peer

  • taxing of system
  • corruption of shared files
  • complex backup scenarios (overlooking key data)
  • higher licensing costs for software
  • more time to administer software

For more reading on Network topologies (server and peer-to-peer networks), see Eric Rodriquez, Basic Network Toplogy (2011).  Contains list of pro's and con's.


Server Network

Diagram of a computer local area network.

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Raid drive

Raid Drive.  Source:

See RAID, Wikipedia

Getting the Specs

The specifications for the equipment you need to choose from is found in 2020 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide (2019 "LTG") as set forth in the following outline of chapters.

  • Chapter One: Computers
  • Chapter Two: Computer Operating Systems
  • Chapter Three: Computer Peripherals
  • Chapter Four: Printers
  • Chapter Five: Scanners
  • Chapter Six: Servers
  • Chapter Seven: Server Operating Systems
  • Chapter Eight: Networking Hardware


Importance of Networking Hardware

  • Switches
  • Routers (Cisco Meraki appliances, starting $400, license $300 for site blocking of known hazards)

What is the difference between switches and routers?  "The most basic explanation is that a switch is designed to connect computers within a network, while a router is designed to connect multiple networks together. ... Even though routers and switches are different, they can be used interchangeably. For example, a router typically has several LAN ports and a single WAN port."  Source

Cisco routers

See chapter 8 of 2019 LTG.


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