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Requesting Microform Materials in RooBot

Instructions for requesting specific microform materials from RooBot.


When searching an ERIC database and getting results in education documents you want with a number, (e.g. ED492021, also called the Accession Number), you should be able to get the electronic copy either by clicking Full Text from ERIC link or a microfiche copy from UMKC Library Roobot  Storage System. Most recent ERIC documents are available through the ERIC online database. If there is not an electronic document available, please follow these steps to obtain it from Library Roobot System.

1.       In Library MERLIN Catalog, enter: “ERIC Document” under the title search. Then click ERIC Document Microfiche.

2.       Find the range in the MERLIN Library Catalog record that has your ED Number in it, e.g. ERIC FICHE ED431612 - ED433983.

3.       Request that range by clicking on the Pick up @ Miller Nichols button.

4.       Bring your ED Number to the Access Services desk. Note: the library may not have all the microfiche     within every ED Number range. In that case, please use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request it from another library.

5.       If you need any help in searching or locating an ERIC document, please contact Library Access Service Desk at 816-235-1526, or email, or reach Education Librarian at 816-235-1541for assistance.