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Requesting Microform Materials in RooBot

Instructions for requesting specific microform materials from RooBot.


This microfiche collection provides scholars, students, and historians with a fine collection of primary sources for comprehensive study of the history of pharmacy as a science and a profession in the United States. It traces the practice of pharmacy from the Colonial Period, when European methods met native American naturalist treatments, through the development of modern pharmaceutical practice based on biomedical research. The collection was filmed at the University of Wisconsin in cooperation with the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy. Some books are from the National Library of Medicine at Bethesda, Maryland and the Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, Illinois.

The microfiche are given AIHP numbers from 1 to 85. Each catalog record will indicate the AIHP number that you need in order to request the correct microfiche box from the RooBot to pick up at the Circulation Desk. Follow the example below to learn how to find your title number.

Catalog record for Arctic soda water apparatus

In the example catalog record, look for the Series Title field. At the end of that line, you will see the AIHP number.

Once you have the AIHP number, go to the Primary Sources... collection record and request the box that contains your AIHP number. You may need to click the "View additional copies..." button to see all of the available boxes.