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Identifying STEM Research Papers Using Freely Available Indexes and Bibliography Tools - School of Science and Engineering

A guide presenting a number of freely available indexing and abstracting tools that are of use to students, faculty, and staff in UMKC's School of Science and Engineering.


The focus of this Research Guide is to provide direction and access for students, faculty and staff in the School of Science and Engineering who want to look for research literature through freely available search tools.

Many of these links are to indexing/abstract tools. They will help you identify the existence of an item of technical literature, and provide you with critical bibliographic information (like a reliable citation) that will assist in finding the item through UMKC Libraries or another source.

Some of these resources include freely-accessible text to some or all of the articles being indexed.

Please note: This guide assumes that you know about Google Scholar, and that if you are a member of the UMKC community, you know to use the UMKC-proxied link for Google Scholar available through UMKC Libraries, with your single-sign-on to improve your speed to accessing resources.