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Diversity & Inclusion - Legal Research

Designed to aid students and faculty in locating materials on the latest diversity and inclusion materials within the domain of legal research.

Researching Anti-Discrimination Law in Secondary Sources

Because so much of diversity and inclusion is based upon eliminating discrimination, law and commentary about discrimination is an important topic.  What follows are some of the many resources available for such research.

Education & Sports

  • Education Law (Lexis+). "Both a textbook and a practitioner's guide, Education Law provides insightful analysis and case law citations on such topics as school governance; finance and procurement; employment issues, including tenure, dismissal, discrimination and reductions in the workforce; collective bargaining and dispute resolution procedures; student rights; requirements to provide individualized education to disabled students; tort liability."
  • Fundamentals of Sports Law (Westlaw Edge).  Chapter 13 covers sex discrimination.

Employment Discrimination

  • Westlaw
    • Employment Discrimination Coordinator (Westlaw Edge). "Employment Discrimination Coordinator is an in-depth reference on employment discrimination and wrongful termination, containing over 10,000 sections of legal analysis and guidance, the equivalent of 7 print volumes. Biweekly updates cover state and federal laws and actions in both public and private employment, organized by jurisdiction and type of law."
    • Age Discrimination (Westlaw Edge).  "Age Discrimination 2d contains well-rounded views of age discrimination from perspectives of both employee and employer. This legal guide provides a complete, analytical explanation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).  Contents include ADEA information on topics such as who is protected and who must comply; prohibitions and requirements; statutory affirmative defenses; regulatory exemptions; waivers of liability; federal employees and job applicants; enforcement in nonfederal sectors; and remedies, fees, and costs. Plus, numerous appendices provide access to ADEA statutes and EEOC policy statements."
    • Disibility Discrimination in Employment (Westlaw Edge).  "Disability Discrimination in Employment contains a comprehensive discussion of the law of disability discrimination and accommodation of employees with disabilities. A thorough treatment of the protections and remedies available under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and other federal remedies for disability discrimination, this title also analyzes the disability discrimination laws of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with coverage of parties, protected conditions, commencing the action, proof burdens, and remedies."
    • Disibility Discrimination in the Work Place (Westlaw Edge).  "Treats federal discrimination laws topically and scrutinizes applicable disability discrimination laws in every state. Litigation of claims is examined from both employee and employer perspectives; separate chapters explain trial procedures, remedies, and attorney's fees. This text examines the applicable statutory scheme, limitations period, impact of pursuing parallel proceedings, and the standard by which key substantive issues are reviewed on appeal. It also examines management and compliance practices and programs, including a cost-effective management plan from an in-house counsel's perspective."
    • Major Issues in the Federal Law of Employment Discrimination (Westlaw Edge). "Major Issued in the Federal Law of Employment Discrimination offers an examination of the substantive and procedural provisions of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The current edition discusses developments in the law through June 2004, including changes resulting from the Civil Rights Act of 1991 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. It covers such issues as claims of disparate treatment and disparate impact, affirmative action, and discrimination on the basis of sex, national origin, and religion. Other federal remedies for employment discrimination are also discussed. Throughout the text, the author provides the user with a wealth of citations to statutes and case decisions for further research. Additionally, a bibliography of works the author considers most useful to judges and lawyers in the field is included."
    • Sex-Based Employment Discrimination (Westlaw Edge). "Sex-Based Employment Discrimination addresses the issues of sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the public and private sectors. It provides the employment practitioner with a guide to understanding the issues in sex discrimination cases. Issues include: illegal employment practices; wages and compensation; fringe benefits as compensation; pregnancy and disability; sexual harassment; and sexual orientation."
    • The Statistics of Discrimination: Using Statistical Evidence in Employment Discrimination Cases (Westlaw Edge).  Quick immersion into statistics for discrimination cases.
  • Lexis
    • Larson on Employment Discrimination (Lexis+). "By Lex K. Larson, this is the premier analytical work on the subject of job-related discrimination....Comprehensive coverage that keeps pace with the continuing evolution of the law relating to employment discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability and union membership....Packed with incisive analysis of applicable law, and perfectly in tune with today's workplace issues, this is the illuminating reference you need no matter which side of the courtroom you're on.
    • Americans with Disabilities Act: Employee Rights & Employer Obligations (Lexis+).  "This practice-oriented guide shows you, in directly applicable step-by-step form, how to meet all the ADA legal requirements that affect employment policies and procedures. With the help of Americans with Disabilities Act: Employee Rights & Employer Obligations, you will be able to: Establish fully compliant hiring policies, from advertising through screening to the offer of employment. Write job descriptions compatible with the ADA's essential functions clause.  Evaluate and restructure policies for discipline, evaluation, promotion and termination of employees.
    • Missouri Employment Discrimination MoBarCLE (Lexis+). "Coverage includes discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race, national origin, religion, and disability; the administrative process; burden of proof; sexual harassment; affirmative action; remedies; alternative dispute resolution; retaliation claims; time limits; and a chapter on e-discovery."
    • Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Work Place (Lexis+).  " Covers such important topics as: the Family and Medical Leave Act; the development of sex discrimination and sexual harassment statutes; how federal and state legislation affects attorneys and clients; "glass ceiling" and "glass wall" issues in professional and academic settings; pregnancy discrimination, childcare leave and benefits, including the certification requirements an employer may impose; precondition for, duration of, and reinstatement after a leave; the scope and application of the Equal Pay Act; the Federal Arbitration Act; attorneys' fees and attorney-client privilege; the Rape Shield statute; the Title VII ministerial exemption; tenure statute of limitations problems; "continuing violation" standards; and EEOC complaint verification."
  • Bloomberg
    • Employment Discrimination Law (Bloomberg Law). Bloomberg's premier service on this issue.  Find under Browse > Practice Areas > Labor and Employment > Labor Law Reference Library.
    • Age Discrimination in Employment Law (Bloomberg Law). Find under Browse > Practice Areas > Labor and Employment > Labor Law Reference Library.
    • Disabilities Law Manual (Bloomberg Law). Find under Browse > Practice Areas > Labor and Employment > Labor Law Reference Library > Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act Manual.
    • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace (Bloomberg Law). Find under Browse > Practice Areas > Labor and Employment > Labor Law Reference Library. Find in the under Browse > Practice Areas > Labor and Employment > Labor Law Reference Library.
    • Work Place Harassment Law (Blomberg Law). Find under Browse > Practice Areas > Labor and Employment > Labor Law Reference Library. Find in the under Browse > Practice Areas > Labor and Employment > Labor Law Reference Library.

Slavery and the Black Experience

Police Liability

  • Police Civil Liability (Lexis+). " Police Civil Liability is a comprehensive guide to the personal injury and civil rights aspects of police misconduct. Includes an extensive array of forms. An essential resource for personal injury lawyers--plaintiff and defense, civil rights attorneys, government counsel, and for law enforcement officers at all levels, this handy work provides numerous practice aids and forms throughout. Includes:  Negligence during police emergencies. False arrest and imprisonment. Liability for misuse of weapons. Assault and battery. Malicious prosecution. Federal civil rights actions. Duty to protect citizens and property. Immunity.  An appendix contains Fourth Amendment search and seizure decisions."

Public Access & Accommodation

  • ADA: Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities (Lexis+). "Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities extensively analyzes the scope and nature of the obligations that Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) imposes upon almost every business in the nation to make reasonable accommodations to ensure their facilities, programs, goods and services are accessible to people with disabilities. This publication features an in-depth explanation of the steps public accommodations and commercial facilities must take in order to comply with the construction and alteration requirements of Title III. The set also includes the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) which set forth architectural standards for accessibility."
  • The American with Disabilities Act (Westlaw Edge).  "In the past, disabled individuals faced a wide variety of obstacles that prevented them from fully participating in all that American society has to offer. They struggled with obtaining employment and were denied access to many services most Americans take for granted. This database examines the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and discusses the rights disabled individuals are entitled to under the statute. Packed with facts on areas governed by the ADA, this easy-to-use resource covers employment, public transportation, public accommodations, state and local government services, and telecommunications."
  • Americans with Disabilities: Practice and Compliance Manual (Westlaw Edge).  "Practical guide for the attorney covering all aspects of the Americans With Disabilities Act."
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