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Diversity & Inclusion - Legal Research

Designed to aid students and faculty in locating materials on the latest diversity and inclusion materials within the domain of legal research.

Picture of diverse people in abstract

Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion Legal Research

You will not find a Thomson Reuters West Digest entry or Topic and Key Number for Diversity and Inclusion or even just Diversity.  The subject is interdisciplinary and is related to discrimination and disparity in terms of gender (including gender orientation and identification), race, ethnicity, age, disability, and religion.  It includes such subjects as Critical Legal Studies and Critical Race Theory.  Related topics include civil rights and human rights.  Hate speech, implicit bias, intersectionality of minority classes are recent topics to surface within the the field.  Everything from Title IX (sex discrimination in education including sports), gender and gender identification discrimination, microaggression, fair housing, family law, marginalization of minorities, discrimination in employment, disparity in criminal representation and sentencing, affirmative action, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, immigration, voter suppression, police brutality and profiling, and Black Lives Matter find their way into the ambit of the subject.  

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the subject, you will need different research tools than ordinarily employed in research a more traditional topic such as copyright or trademark law.  This guide is designed to assist with the challenges of such research.