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UMKC Libraries in Canvas

Link to articles, eBooks, or videos

  • Provide access by linking to articles, eBooks or streaming videos from library subscription databases
  • Instructors may need to check with the library to determine the number of user licenses (single or unlimited) per resource to determine the simultaneous user view options.

Find a permanent link when searching in library databases

When you are searching in one of the library's many individual databases and find a library resource you want to share, look for and copy the item's permanent link. Permanent links (or permalinks, or durable links) are URLs that will not time out or change. Each library database provides their permanent links in different ways:

Make the link work off-campus 

After finding a permanent link to a library resource, you need to make sure that it works from off-campus. Use this tool to create links to resources that will work both on- and off-campus. Permanent links found using the discovery tool (above). Some library databases will already include the proxy server. Use this tool to check if you aren't sure.

Tips for using this tool:

  • The link must be a permanent link (see above).
  • You do not need to do this for freely available sites (such as Google) or links that already begin with
  • If you have addresses such as, this will fix them for you.
  • This tool requires JavaScript enabled in your browser to work.

Copy and paste your permanent link:




 Copy and use the resulting link:






Share the link

Once you have created the link, you can use and share it! Post it as a link in your syllabus or add to your course.
To add a link to a Canvas module:

  •     From an existing module, click the "+" button

Add a Link to Cavnas

  •     From the drop-down menu, click "Add External URL"

  •     Paste in the generated link for the article, eBook, or video
  •     Provide a name for the link. 
  •     Select “Load in New Tab”
  •     Click “Add Item”

NOTE: For information about copyright, please see the Copyright Guide. Linking to resources also helps the library track which resources are being used. Usage statistics help the library buy the right resources for you!

Problems or comments? Please contact us.

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