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UMKC University Libraries

Law, Science & Technology

Commercial Services

Bloomberg Law:

  • Practice Centers > Intellectual Property >includes Technology &Internet Law; and Health.  Includes Books & Treatises, Laws & Regulations, News & Analysis, and, BNA Law Reports



  • Advance:  Start with Browse Topics > e.g. Computer and Internet Law > Note subsections > Click arrows to “drill down” > Click on subsection to retrieve documents on that topic > Use filters and tabs to change jurisdictions and formats. 

  • (note:  It is uncertain how long this platform will remain available)                      

  1. Secondary Legal > Law Reviews and Journals > Use “publication” field for words in the name of a journal and “title” field for words in the title of an article.
  2. Secondary Legal > View More > Matthew Bender > Area of Law > Cyberlaw, E-Commerce, IP, Health > Browse ToC; or John Wiley > Technology M&A Guidebook or IP (note: no ToC to Wiley publications



  • Secondary Sources > Law Reviews & Journals > Advanced : use the citation field for words in the name of the journal e.g. <science or tech!> and the title field for words in the title of an article e.g. <nanotechnology> 
  • Secondary Sources > Texts & Treatises > By Topic includes: Energy & Environment; Health Law; Intellectual Property; Other including Cable television, E-commerce & Internet Law, Internet Marketing, State Computer Law 
  • Practice Areas > Energy & Environment, Health Law


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