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“It is often stated that the law lags behind technology. 

As technology changes and creates new possibilities, lawyers and legal scholars struggle to deal with the implications.

The legal implications of technological change can be observed in a variety of contexts.

Throughout American history, lawyers have discussed the implications of technological change for law. 

An early example of  technology giving rise to legal problems is railroads.

When computers took over important business functions in the mid-twentieth century, lawyers pondered over how computers would be classified by judges. 

When genetic testing allowed people to find out whether they were at risk for a genetic disease, litigation followed regarding a doctor’s obligation.

Although not every technology generates litigation and legal scholarship, technological change is often the occasion for legal problems.”

(See:  “Recurring Dilemmas: The Law’s Race to Keep Up with Technological Change.” Lyria Bennett Moses, 2007 Journal of Law, Technology & Policy 239)


The purpose of this LibGuide is to help guide students through the myriad sources available for identifying and researching current, evolving and yet to develop issues in law, science and technology


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