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Developing a Thesis Statement

See: “Developing a Thesis Statement” by The Writing Center of the Georgetown University Law Center.  



Note the should : because dynamic within the thesis statement. 

A certain result should happen because of particular reasons. 

The should and because is what your research will fill in.

The preceding information identifies sources to find a topic on which to research and write.

The thesis statement answers the question: What’s the point?

The following questions will assist in developing a thesis statement.



Why should the reader care?

Has there been a problem that needs to be addressed?

What legal theories and doctrines underlie the thesis?

What other doctrines might also apply?

What policies and values might apply?

What are the interests affected by the problem and the solution?

Who are the interested parties?

How do you appeal to those interests?

Who is hostile or opposed?

What obstacles are there?

Are there any shared values, and what are they? 

What does the reader need to know?

How do you address that?


UMKC Plagiarism Policy and Guidelines:  

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