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Data Management for Grant-Seekers

Resources to assist researchers to create a data management plan for grant submissions.

NIH Public Access Policy Guidance

Specific NSF Data Management Plan Requirements

Some NSF directorates and divisions have specific plan requirements. If a program is not listed as having specific requirements, then the requirements established in the Grant Proposal Guide, Chapter II.C.2 apply.

Directorates/divisions with specific requirements for their communities are listed below.  As of July 2011, these are:

Biological Sciences Directorate (BIO)

Directorate-wide Guidance

Education & Human Resources Directorate (EHR)

 Directorate-wide Guidance (PDF)

Engineering Directorate (ENG)

Directorate-wide Guidance (PDF)

Geosciences Directorate (GEO)

 Ocean Sciences 

Earth Sciences

Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences

Mathematical and Physical Sciences Directorate (MPS)

Division of Astronomical Sciences (PDF)

Division of Chemistry (PDF)

Division of Materials Research (PDF)

Division of Mathematical Sciences (PDF)

Division of Physics (PDF)

Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Directorate (SBE)

Directorate-wide Guidance (PDF)

Other Data Sharing/Management Policies

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