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Finding a Paper Topic

Instruction on Process and Resources for Finding a Paper Topic

News Resources for Finding Topics

News Resources for Finding Paper Topics

I have already issued a warning about news as source in the Home "tab" Introduction section, but it is worth repeating that sometimes with legal news sources, there just isn't enough law to make a good paper.  However, often they are the gateway to excellent research pieces when supplemented with other resources.

News Sources

There are a variety of ways to get legal news and maintain current awareness using subscription services and the Web.

  • Bloomberg Law.  Bloomberg Law was built as a news service first and then added primary and secondary content later.  Regardless of topic, one of the best techniques to use is to search for circuit splits on your topic from the U.S. Law Week.  Watch the following video to learn how.

How to Use Bloomber Law to Find Paper Topics, Including Circuit Splits

  • Law 360.  Law360 is a Lexis product that we have access to.  It is a news and current awareness service for 61 general topics, many of them are of current interests.  To find Law360, follow the steps below.

Location on Lexis+ to Law360

When you click on Law360, you may have to register the first time. If you have trouble accessing, do the following:

  1. To gain access to Law360 standalone, your Lexis ID needs to be associated with your .edu email address. If you are not sure, check your Lexis registration settings and update to your .edu address.
  2. Go to:
  3. Under the RED Sign In Button, click the blue "Sign In With LexisNexis" button on the login page: You will receive an email immediately asking you to verify your email address within one hour.
  4. Bookmark
  5. If you need assistance, contact  and ask to be moved to your university account.

You will eventually get to a "splash" page that looks like the following.  Note the location of "SEE ALL 61 SECTIONS."

Arrow on splash page point to"See all 61 Sections."

When you choose "SEE ALL 61 SECTIONS," you will have the following news services to choose from.  I have marked topics that might be important to Professor Holman's Law, Science, & Technology course.

Arrows pointing to various law, science and technology topics.

Not every news story will make a good paper.  Choose ones that have some law being applied or formulated.  Look for issues for which you can research actual law.  It's not bad to have a policy debate, but having some real law is always better.

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