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PHILOS 320 History of Modern Philosophy

This resource guide was developed specifically for Philosophy 320 and the Semester Research Project. The guide provides access to numerous research tools and services directly related to your project.

Search terms

Once you have identified a topic, think of the terms and phrases that are essential to understanding the topic. Once you identified 2-3 words that relate to your topic, apply those terms to a library database to locate results.

Background Information

Search for information using the single most important term related to your topic. Use this type of search when looking for basic background information. Consider using the Library's online encyclopedias to further browse your topic and read background information.

Scholarly Articles

Search for information by combining key concepts using the words you have brainstormed. Each concept/word should be linked by the word "AND". Use this kind of search when looking for specific evidence related to your claim/thesis. To find research articles, try using one of these library databases.

Primary Sources

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