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PHILOS 320 History of Modern Philosophy

This resource guide was developed specifically for Philosophy 320 and the Semester Research Project. The guide provides access to numerous research tools and services directly related to your project.

Brainstorm Keywords

Once you have identified a topic, think of the terms and phrases that are essential to understanding the topic.

Boolean Operators

Once you have established your main words and related words, it is time to start searching! Boolean operators allow you to combine your words to find the results you need for your topic. .

Boolean Operator What it does How to use it
AND Combines keywords so terns must be present in the results "Kansas City" AND segregation
OR Searches either word or phrase "residential segregation" OR "housing discrimination"
NOT Excludes certain words from results NOT school*

"" - searches for that phrase

*- searches for various endings of the word

Example: ("Kansas City" OR Missouri) AND "Residential segregation" AND law*

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