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Land Use Law

A guide to land use law resources for Prof. Cheslik's Land Use Law course, with special focus on the KC metro area

Code of Ordinances: Kansas City, Missouri

Note:  The html version online is regularly updated.  The pdf version is updated quarterly.

Kansas City City Council

The 13-member City Council is the City's legislative and policy-making body. Its members, including the Mayor, are elected to four-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms.

Kansas City, Missouri, is divided into six council districts that are revised according to population at least every five years. The mayor and six City Council members are elected at large. The other six members of the City Council are elected from within the districts they serve. Candidates for mayor and City Council positions must be at least 25 years old, qualified City voters, residents of the City for five years and of their district for six months, and have paid City and county taxes for two years before elections.