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Land Use Law

A guide to land use law resources for Prof. Cheslik's Land Use Law course, with special focus on the KC metro area

State Laws

State laws governing land use planning, zoning, and eminent domain include clauses in the state constitutions as well as legislation, such as home rule acts and zoning enabling acts, that authorize local governments to regulate land usage.

To locate relevant provisions in state constitutions and codes, search using terms such as "home rule," "zoning and planning," and "eminent domain."

Vernon's Annotated MIssouri Statutes on Westlaw (password required).
Missouri Revised Statutes and Missouri Constitution available on the Missouri webpage and in print on the main floor and the lower level of the Law Library.

Federal Laws

The United States Congress may also enact legislation that regulates land use, such as the National Historic Preservation Act, Pub. L. 89-665, 80 Stat. 915 (1966) (codified as amended at 16 U.S.C. §§470-470x-6 (2006)).

To locate relevant provisions in federal constitution and code, search using phrases such as "Bureau of Land Managment," "zoning and planning," and "eminent domain."

United States Code Annotated
Westlaw's version of an annotated US Code. Also in print at UMKC Law Library, with copies on the main floor and lower level.

United States Code
The official government version of the U.S. Code.  Also in print at UMKC Law Library, with copies on the main floor and lower level.

United States Code Service 
Lexis's version of an annotated US Code.


In addition to statutes and municipal ordinances, some federal and state administrative regulations may govern some aspects of land use and zoning.

The Code of Federal Regulations provides subject access to federal administrative regulations of a general and permanent nature. Sources include:

Code of Federal Regulations
In print at UMKC Law Library on the lower level.

Updated on a daily basis.

Code of Federal Regulations
From Cornell's Legal Information Institute.

Code of Federal Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations
Westlaw - password required

The Federal Register provides chronological access to federal administrative regulations. The Federal Register contains both proposed and final regulations.  Sources include:

Federal Register
Available online or in print at UMKC Law Library Federal on the main level. Older issues are in the RooBot.

State administrative codes provide subject access to state administrative regulations.  To locate relevant regulations, locate the state’s administrative code in print or on the internet and look for an index, a table of contents, a statutory authority table, and/or a search engine.

MIssouri Code of State Regulations
Also available in print at UMKC Law Library, in the Reference collection on the main floor, and on the lower level.