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PHILOS 320 History of Modern Philosophy

This resource guide was developed specifically for Philosophy 320 and the Semester Research Project. The guide provides access to numerous research tools and services directly related to your project.

Database Exploration

During this activity, you will explore a resource that will be useful for your research for your research project. By the end of the activity, your group will have found one good resource (book, article, etc.) for the research question that you are using and will note one useful feature of the resource to share with your classmates.

Go to the Database Exploration Page.

  1. Work in groups of 3-4.
  2. Under the Find Articles tab, choose one of the resources to review as a group.
  3. Discuss a research topic and identify keywords in your group to start your search.
    • Decide your roles:
    • One person with a computer is the “searcher”- they search for sources in the database given to them
    • One person is the “documenter”- they share in the Google doc the research process that the group uses.
    •  Everyone else gives suggestions for search strategy, evaluates what the group finds, notes questions that come up during the search.

At end of 30 minutes, each group should have found one good source and put a citation to it in the Google Doc AND have noted one useful feature of the database.

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