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Publishing Your Work

A guide with pages on publishing Gold or Green OA, publication agreement language, and more.

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Writing for Publication

The first part of the book focuses on the author's role, writing's risks and rewards, practical strategies for improving writing, and ethical issues. Part Two focuses on the most common writing tasks: conference proposals, practical articles, research articles, and books. Each chapter is replete with specific examples, templates to generate a first draft, and checklists or rubrics for self-evaluation. The final section of the book counsels graduate students and professors on selecting the most promising projects; generating multiple related, yet distinctive, publications from the same body of work; and using writing as a tool for professional development. Written by a team that represents outstanding teaching, award-winning writing, and extensive editorial experience, the book leads teacher/scholar/authors to replace the old “publish or perish” dictum with a different, growth-seeking orientation: publish and flourish.

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Writing And Publishing Scientific Papers: A Prime for the Non-English Speaker

The book's three main sections correspond with the three main stages of a paper's journey from idea to print: planning, writing, and publishing. Within the book's chapters, complex questions such as ‘How to write the introduction?'or ‘How to submit a manuscript?'are broken down into smaller, more manageable problems that are then discussed in a straightforward, conversational manner, providing an easy and enjoyable reading experience. Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers stands out from its field by targeting scientists whose first language is not English. While also touching on matters of style and grammar, the book's main goal is to advise on first principles of communication.


Journal Licensing Negotiation Toolkit from the University of California

The University of California’s (UC) 2018-19 journal contract negotiation with Elsevier has been widely followed. In response to ongoing demand for information, this negotiation toolkit was created to provide support and insight for institutions, particularly university librarians/directors and faculty in North America, interested in restructuring their publisher contracts for journal content.

[The toolkit provides] a North American framework for creating transformative change in the scholarly publishing industry based on initial insights from the University of California’s 2018-2019 negotiations with Elsevier.

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Understanding and Negotiating Book Publication Contracts

This resource explores clauses commonly seen in book publication contracts, explains them in plain language, and aims to help author's in understanding and negotiating better contracts.

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Law and Authors: A Legal Handbook for Writers

This accessible, reader-friendly handbook will be an invaluable resource for authors, agents, and editors in navigating the legal landscape of the contemporary publishing industry. Drawing on a wealth of experience in legal scholarship and publishing, Through case studies and hypothetical examples, Law and Authors addresses issues of copyright law, including explanations of fair use and the public domain; trademark and branding concerns for those embarking on a publishing career; laws that impact the ways that authors might use social media and marketing promotions; and privacy and defamation questions that writers may face. 

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Literary Law Guide for Authors

This resource explores copyright, trademark, and publication contracts, the intellectual property and contractual rights of authors, how to properly (and legally) utilize copyrighted works in your own work, and electronic rights in easy to understand language aimed to help author's understand their legal rights and responsibilities.

Open Publishing Guide for Authors

The UniSQ Open Publishing Guide is for those who want to publish an open text with the UniSQ Library. It steps authors through the process they will undertake when working with the UniSQ Open Educational Practices Team, and sets out guidelines and expectations for the undertaking.