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Tests and Measurements


Tests and measurements are standardized instruments, such as questionnaires, inventories and scales, which are used to evaluate individuals, populations, or processes.

Finding the actual instruments is sometimes difficult because they are protected for some or all of the following reasons:

  • Overexposure of the material could make test less useful. If you could get the exact copy of the ACT would the results be a true measure of your ability?
  • Credentials may be required to administer the test.
  • Tests are intellectual propers of authors and publishers who require a fee the use of the material.

When looking for tests or test reviews, there are several questions to ask:

  • Am I looking for a specific test (Stanford Binet), or for tests on a certain subject (Intelligence Tests)?
  • Am I looking for a test that has been commerically published?
  • Is the test in print?
  • Do I need test reviews, the actual test, or both?
  • Do I need research studies that have used specific tests?
  • What database or other resources will have what I need?

Children and teacher in an open-air school,
Allentown, Pennsylvania between 1900 and 1930.
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