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Resources of Sociology courses.


After selecting your topic, identify three main concepts and synonyms to begin your search. Apply your keywords in the appropriate subject database.

Is it scholarly?

When reviewing your search results, check to make sure you have the publication type you need for your assignement.

Scholarly Sources

Popular Sources

Trade Publications

Written by professors, researchers, or experts Written by journalists Written by journalists and experts
Lengthy, plain looking Brief, flashy articles Lots of color
Specialized terminology (jargon) Intended for a general audience Written for a specific audience, such as a professionals in a field
Often peer reviewed No formal review May or may not be peer reviewed
Few or no advertisements Contains ads Includes ads related to the profession
Contains references Sometimes has references May or may not include references
Examples: The New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Communication Examples: New York Times, Forbes, People Examples: MacWorld, audioXpress, Nursing Times