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Printing in the Libraries

Information on how to print in the libraries, tips for printing green, print troubleshooting, and how to add money to your campus account.

PrinterHaving trouble printing but don't know what's wrong?

Is the correct printer selected?

  • If you do not see the correct printer when you try to print, log out of your account and log back in. If this printer still does not show up, then there is a problem with your profile. Ask at a service desk for help.


Canvas logoPrinting from Canvas

  1. Close all open documents
  2. Go back to the original link to the document
  3. Right click on the link
  4. Choose "Open Link in New Window"
  5. Try printing again

PDF logoPrinting a PDF

  • Click the printer icon instead of choosing File > Print
  • Try saving the document to the desktop and printing it directly from there, instead of printing from a browser or application (like Canvas)
  • Allow time for a PDF or other large file to get to the printer

Printing from Acrobat Reader

  1.   With the PDF file open, choose Print from the File menu within Acrobat Reader
  2.   Click Advanced
  3.   Check the "Print as Image" option in the Print dialog.
  4.   Click OK
  5.   Click Print

pixelated image Improve Print Quality

  1. Click on Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes
  2. Right click on the default printer icon with a small check mark beside it
    • You may find it easier to see the default printer icon if you switch to icon view
  3. Click Printing Preferences
  4. Click the tab that says Print Quality
  5. Click Best
    • Once Best has been selected, your computer will keep the setting until you log off