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How do I check if an article is peer reviewed?


Check the journal's website 

Peer-reviewed articles are published in academic (also known as scholarly, or refereed) journals. Most journals have websites that describe the journal, how to publish in it, and the editorial and review processes. Find a journal's website by searching the journal's full title - usually something like "Journal of Biology" or "Journal of the American Biological Association." On the website look for information about peer review on pages like these: 

  • About us
  • Editorial policies
  • Instructions for authors
  • Submission guidelines

Peer review statement example:

Use the eJournals search to identify peer-reviewed journals

Journals that UMKC Libraries subscribe to electronically are listed in the eJournals database. 

1. Go to the eJournals search tool

2. Enter the title of a journal in the search box

3. Click the title of the journal to see a page of information about it

4. Look at the bottom of the listed information for an item that says "Peer Reviewed" to see if it says Yes or No

5. If the "Peer Reviewed" item is not in the list you will need to check the journal's website instead (see instructions above)