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History 300

World War II and the Global Cold War


History is all around us.

This is a guide for Research Project Option 1: One original Clio entry related to World War II or the Cold War.

Clio is a free website and app that picks up a user’s location to reveal and interpret nearby historical sites such as buildings, historical markers, monuments, and museums. Clio also offers walking tours, virtual tours of museums, and even art-themed walking tours and nature trails that connect people to science. 

Use this guide to locate entry ideas and sources for your selected project. 

Step 1

Determine whether a particular museum, marker, military installation, monument, or historic event is already in Clio. You can search by location and my name using the search windows in the upper right-hand corner. Be sure to check-each of your eight entries need to be new entries and no credit will be given for an entry that is already in Clio UNLESS it is a much revision to the previous entry.

Step 2

Begin researching your selected site. Also, be sure to create a draft entry for that site in our class account. That will allow you to “claim” a topic and you can continue to work on the entry over the semester. After logging in to the class account, you can create a first quick draft that will only be seen by members of the class by clicking on the “save as draft” button.

Step 3

Post your work in Clio, along with images with compelling captions and links to websites, books, and articles. Be sure to save your work, in case you lose connectivity while working on your entry.