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CONSVTY 5560G: Music of Latin America

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Nara Newcomer
Miller Nichols Library

Latin American Music Research Tips

  • Music databases: don’t include the word "music" in your search
  • Non-music databases: add the word "music" in your search if you get many irrelevant results
  • Terms for specific genres or styles:
    • alternate spellings may exist
    • the term may be too specific; if no results, try a broader term instead
  • Language issues:
    • English keywords will give different results than language of the region. For best results, repeat your search in all applicable languages
    • Should you include accents and other diacritic marks in your keywords? This varies among resources.
    • Use the databases' thesaurus or subject headings to decrease language problems.
  • Start early to allow time for interlibrary loan.