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There are times that you would like to test out data analysis or data mining techniques on different types of data. U.S. Government agencies provide a wealth of data sets that are available for use for no cost. This page contains links to help you find some of that data.

Finding U.S. Government Data

Using Google to Find Government Datasets

Conduct a site-specific search in Google using the URL pattern site:data.*.gov 

Example: The Google search "hypersonic site:data.*.gov" returned 218 U.S. Government data sites with the keyword "hypersonic" on October 19, 2021.

Application Programming Interfaces (API) to Government Data

U.S. Government Agency Data Catalogs

While much of this data may be found through, you can search these agency catalogs directly.

Substantially adopted, with some additions, from Table 14.1 in the book Mastering United States Government Information: Sources and Services, by Christopher C. Brown.

Want to learn how U.S. Census Data is structured?

How about getting data directly into an Excel spreadsheet, or getting data with Python or R?