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Finding a Local Organization or Non-Profit

Non-profits come in diverse forms and support a wide array of causes. Finding a non-profit organization dedicated to a cause you are interested in can provide great insight into a given issue and those affected by it. Many of these organizations work closely with their target community and can provide you with avenues to get involved. When you find a non-profit organization to support or work with, your research turns into action.

Locating an Expert

The Internet doesn't know everything...real, actual people are a great source of information! If you are looking for a person who is an expert on a particular subject, start by asking questions.
  • What type of job might this person have?
  • Where might they work?
  • What sort of professional associations might they belong to?
  • What communities would they be a part of?
Use the collections and places listed below as a springboard, but don't stop there! Send personal emails, request to interview or visit an expert, or pick up the phone to have a conversation. If you're struggling to find an expert, start with the community, organization, or person you think is closest to your need then ask someone to refer you to the perfect person. Networking can be a powerful way to gather information.

Vetting a Non-Profit Organization