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Kendi's Anti-Racist Reading List: A Guide

This guide is based upon "The Anti-Racist Reading List," an article by Ibram X. Kendi that appeared in the February 12, 2019 issue of The Atlantic.

This guide has been created from the resources mentioned by Ibram X. Kendi in his article "The Anti-Racist Reading List" that appears in The Atlantic (February 12, 2019). Not all of these books are owned by UMKC Libraries. In some cases, links lead to a WorldCat entry where the user can make an interlibrary loan.

"This anti-racist syllabus is a first step. It is for people beginning their anti-racist journey after a lifetime of not truly knowing themselves or their country. It is for people opening to knowledge now, to changing themselves now, to changing the world now."   - Ibram X. Kendi

Ibram X. Kendi at the 2019 Texas Book Festival. Image CC-BY-SA Larry D. Moore