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Library Research Badges

For Students

The UMKC Libraries Research Badging Program offers UMKC students the option of completing modules to earn digital research badges. Digital badges are a visual representation of some skill or competency that you have learned. Digital badges allow you to record what you have learned, especially outside of the classroom. The UMKC Libraries Research Badging is available as an ongoing self-enrollment organization in Canvas.

For Instructors

This badging program offers instructors the opportunity to supplement course content by enhancing students' research and organization skills. Using the digital badging platform called Badgr, students can view and share their earned credentials outside of Canvas, such as LinkedIn and social media sites. This program provides instructors with a visual representation of knowledge as well as extra credit opportunities.

Research Badges

Badge Name Description Module Requirements
Research Ready This module introduces students to a variety of approaches for deciding on a research topic. Students will review the steps for citing others' work to avoid plagiarism. Finally, students view a quick overview on how the peer review process works. 

Three lessons


Savvy Scholar This module will introduce you to a variety of sources that are available to you for your research and information needs. You will look at different scholarly sources and learn ways to analyze journal articles. Finally, learn about tools that help with research, design, and organization. This badge includes three lessons and a quiz. 

Three lessons


Zotero Champ You will learn how to install the citation management software on your own devices, import citations via the Zotero web connector, and insert those ready-made citations directly into your papers. 

One lesson


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