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Land Acknowledgement: A Resource Guide

This guide provides resources for individuals contemplating writing and using a land acknowledgement.

What is a "Land Acknowledgement?"

A "Land Acknowledgement" is a statement prior to a presentation or event that states that the land upon which the event occurs is (or was) the homeland of a specific Native American tribal nation.

In simplest form, the intention of a land acknowledgement is to create awareness of Native Americans and Native American issues and rights.

However, many Native Americans rightly consider a land acknowledgement that is not accompanied by an actual commitment to make amends to be empty words. Therefore, it makes sense to think about how we craft a land acknowledgement each time we take the opportunity to use one.

This guide seeks to provide resources for consideration by individuals wishing to investigate land acknowledgements.

"Drone View. Kansas City. Sunset. Near Missouri River." CC-BY-2.0 Laura Supalla Gilchrist