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A guide for conducting sociology research at UMKC.

Find a Research Topic

How do you pick your research topic?

  1. Read the assignment description and figure out the guidelines are for topic selection.
  2. Browse your course readings and books. What topics have you found most interesting?
  3. Look at your favorite popular news site. Scan headlines to see what has been in the news.
  4. Use a library database such as a Funk & Wagnalls and CQ Researcher to get background information on your subject.
  5. Discuss your idea and interests topics with your instructor, a librarian, or a classmate.

Databases to Browse for Topic Ideas

Developing a Research Question

A research topic is a subject that interests you.
A research question is something that you want to know about your topic.
Sleep habits

In the last 10 years, what affect do sleep habits have on elementary aged children's behavior?

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