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LAW 8783 Federal Public Land & Resource Law

This course centers on relevant sources of authority for federal public land and resources law.



This LibGuide will serve as an aid to locate resources relevant to the study of federal public land & resources law. This class has online access to an outline guide that resides on the University of Indiana website. Click on the following link to go directly to: Federal Public Land and Resources Law (7th Edition, 2014) casebook.  Also available (2007-2012) is the 4 volume print series by Coggins: Public Natural Resources Law, 2d which can be found in our book collection at KF5505. C64 2007. An updated online version can be found on Westlaw. Click Here to link to it.

Students will learn about relevant statutory sources of law, bases of authority for public law including property and contract rights, historic movements of acquisition and disposition of lands, and intergovernmental immunities. Relevant law will be examined including such major acts as NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act), the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Taylor Grazing Act, the Wilderness act of 1964, and the Federal Land Planning and Management Act..

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